Dog Grooming

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Professional Dog Grooming at Aloha Pet Resort in Proctorville, OH 45669.

Bring your dog to Aloha Pet Resort for a complete grooming which includes a bath and blow dry and nail trim. Your furry friend will be doted on and given all the tender care you come to expect at one of the most popular pet grooming and boarding facilities in the Proctorville, Huntington and Barboursville area.

Drop your dog off on your way into work and pick them up on the way home after you are done for the day.

Your dog will look and feel better with a professional grooming.

Regular grooming removes excess hair that is trapped near the skin below the outer coat of hair. When left in place it can hold dead skin cells and moisture which may cause irritation and infection. Brushing often can remove the shedding hair before it becomes a problem.

How often should you have your dog groomed?

That varies depending on the type of dog and their hair/coat length. Dogs with longer hair tend to have more hair from their inner coat trapped beneath their outer coat and need grooming more often. Also important is your dogs ears being clean. Do your dogs ears hang down over their ear canal? If so you want to make sure they are cleaned often.

Map and directions are conveniently available on the right side of our website.

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